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The following links were submitted to MSDN and Technet.

MSDN Gallery Submissions:

WCF ServiceFramework

In large-scale application development, IT Governance is challenged with common requirements that are best managed with an enterprise wide approach. This sample project illustrates an approach to addressing registration and auditing of WCF based services.

Multithreading Dictionary<>

The sample project highlights differences between Dictionary<> and ConcurrentDictionary<>. Issues arise with these data structures in a multithreaded scenario when care is not taken when adding and updating entries. Namely, unpredictable results.

Azure Storage Sample Datalayer Framework

The sample project contains the bases for a framework that I have found useful in developing Azure Storage solutions. It has saved me time by not having to re-think basic functionality by providing a flexible and stable framework.

WCF Sample Service with Callbacks (wsdualhttpbinding)

This sample project illustrates how performance gains could be accomplished using a WCF service that supports callbacks. The uploaded sample shows two implementations of the same service. One using basic http binding and one using dual http binding.

TechNet Submissions:

Serializing WCF contract with object property

This sample project is posted in reply to the forum post: WCF Service The issue stems with how to handle contracts with object type properties

Azure Mobile Services Custom API – Exploring Server Side CapabilityGold Award Winner

This Wiki Article explores some of the capabilities of Azure Mobile Services API that might be of interest in some scenarios.

TechNet Guru August 2013 Gold Medal

Business classes to TableServiceEntity mapping using Automapper  Bronze Award Winner

The following illustrates a convenient method of setting up a map between business classes to the Azure Table Storage entities using Automapper.

TechNet Guru August 2013 Bronze Medal

System.Xml.XMLDocument and System.Xml.Linq.XDocument Comparison  Silver Award Winner

This article provides a comparison between System.Xml.XMLDocument and System.Xml.Linq.XDocument.

TechNet Guru January 2014 Silver Medal

WCF Service Hosting – Supporting Multiple Versions  Silver Award Winner

In this technet wiki, I wanted to highlight a relatively simple strategy to handle the support of multiple service versions that were used in the sample project.

TechNet Guru September 2013 Silver Medal

Multiple Azure Cloud Environments  Silver Award Winner

An introduction to managing multiple Azure cloud environments.

TechNet Guru October 2014 Silver Medal

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