Visual Studio Team Services: Connecting a BitBucket Repository

This is a walk-through of how to connect an existing BitBucket repository to Visual Studio Team Services.

Step 1: Create a build definition

In the project inside VSTS, navigate to the Build definitions and click the plus icon to create a new definition:

In this example, let’s perform a Visual Studio build. You can see other options are available as shown below:

Next select Remote Git Repository.

Next, we need to setup the connection to BitBucket and visually VSTS is complaining to us:

Step 2: Connect the BitBucket Repository

In BitBucket, navigate to your code base and grab the URL of your repo.  You can construct this by taking the project URL (re., and appending the repo.  You can get the repo by taking a look at the generated command in
the clone option:

In VSTS on the repository tab, click Manage to add a new connection to BitBucket:

Add a new external Git repository connection. This is where the URL determined above goes!

Hopefully, this saves someone some time!

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