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npm install fails with CERT_UNTRUSTED

I have not investigated why but during the install of the azure node.js package, I received a CERT_UNTRUSTED error as indicated below: PS C:\> npm install azure npm http GET npm http GET npm http GET npm … Continue reading

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Knockout.js defer applyBindings to avoid nodeType of null error

Knockout requires all html and the bound view model to be complete before applyBindings is called otherwise you might receive a nodeType of null error. ┬áThis is usually easily avoided by making sure the sequence of scripts is correct and … Continue reading

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Azure Storage Client Version 3 – development storage not supported – 400 Bad Request

This post is just to save those unfortunates that have taken the latest Storage Client 3.0 and found that the storage emulator (re., local development storage) returns 400 Bad Request responses. ┬áThis is simply that the storage client version 3 … Continue reading

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