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‘CloudStorageAccount’ does not exist in the namespace ‘Microsoft.WindowsAzure’

In case this helps someone, I upgraded my Azure Storage assemblies and found a breaking change to the Azure storage classes. The error manifests itself as: The type or namespace name ‘CloudStorageAccount’ does not exist in the namespace ‘Microsoft.WindowsAzure’ (are … Continue reading

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jQuery UI Accordion and jQuery BBQ

The following illustrates how the jQuery UI Accordion can be used in combination with jQuery BBQ.  Using the accordion example as a base, I made the following changes: Buttons I added a series of buttons that set the active option of … Continue reading

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WCF Soap Services without a Soap Action

I’ve run into an issue twice now when integrating to an externally hosted service with WCF.  This post will hopefully save someone some time on a rather obscure issue. For WCF services that contain multiple operations, a unique Action should … Continue reading

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