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Azure Compute Emulator fails to start

After not using my Azure emulator, I found it would no longer start.  Most likely this was due to upgrading my SDK version.  I did find a clue in the eventlog though as a series of error messages stating: LocalDB parent … Continue reading

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CQRS applied at the service level in Azure

Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) is a software pattern where there is a separation between queries (read) and commands (modify).  The pattern, like many Object Oriented Design (OOD) patterns applies well to service oriented architecture (SOA) in building services … Continue reading

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SQL Server Notifications – Polling and ServiceBroker

Introduction As part of the CQRS in Azure MSDN blog series, two forms of notifications were used to notify the application tier of changes to the underlying data model.  For the SQL Azure, a polling mechanism was used and push … Continue reading

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Faking out Azure – Unit Testing with Microsoft Fakes

Overview Microsoft Fakes provides an excellent framework for code isolation within Unit Tests and is only available for Visual Studio Enterprise subscriptions. Fakes does provide advantages over other frameworks (re., Moq and Rhino Mocks) as it allows for full code isolation and not … Continue reading

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Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio Team Services

In a series of posts by the Azure Development Community, some of the features available in Azure and Visual Studio Team Services are explored. VSTS Build is an excellent mechanism for enabling automation for a development team. It allow for … Continue reading

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Azure Service Bus Queue – Sessions

In scenarios where there are multiple Azure Service Bus clients and you want to route particular messages to particular consumers, sessions are an ideal feature of the Azure Service Bus Queue. This post builds upon the sample project available on … Continue reading

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Azure Deployment Failure

If you receive a deployment failure specifying the certificate was not found, here are some steps to hopefully resolve this. I stumbled upon this issue for several reasons but all relate to an unfamiliarity with the tools.  My situation has … Continue reading

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Managing Multiple Azure Environments with Visual Studio Online Builds

Carrying on from the Multiple Azure Cloud Environments post, I now want to manage the progression of my solution through the development, staging, and production environment.  Staging in the context indicates an environment and not the staging deployment of a … Continue reading

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Redeploy Previous Visual Studio Online Build

One feature to highlight with controlling your Azure deployments from a build server is the ability to track the current deployment and the ability to perform a redeploy of a build. this feature only works well when the entire deployment … Continue reading

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Multiple Azure Cloud Environments

Most real world Azure deployments will require more than one environment.  A typical topology is represented below: There are many resources available that describe this concept so it will not be re-explained here.  Instead this post will present how to … Continue reading

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