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On-premises BizTalk integration with Azure File Storage

Problem Azure File Storage (AFS) supports on-premises integration on servers supporting SMB 3.0.  For BizTalk integration this allows for AFS to be mapped just like a normal file locations using the File Receive Locations and File Send Ports.  In situations … Continue reading

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Visual Studio Team Services: Connecting a BitBucket Repository

This is a walk-through of how to connect an existing BitBucket repository to Visual Studio Team Services. Step 1: Create a build definition In the project inside VSTS, navigate to the Build definitions and click the plus icon to create … Continue reading

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Publish-AzureServiceProject: Failed to generate package

Recently when creating a new service project in Azure I ran into this disturbing error when publishing from powershell: Publish-AzureServiceProject : Failed to generate package. Error: Microsoft(R) Azure(TM) Packaging Tool version for Microsoft(R) .NET Framework 4.0Copyright ¸ Microsoft Corporation. … Continue reading

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npm install fails with CERT_UNTRUSTED

I have not investigated why but during the install of the azure node.js package, I received a CERT_UNTRUSTED error as indicated below: PS C:\> npm install azure npm http GET npm http GET npm http GET npm … Continue reading

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Knockout.js defer applyBindings to avoid nodeType of null error

Knockout requires all html and the bound view model to be complete before applyBindings is called otherwise you might receive a nodeType of null error.  This is usually easily avoided by making sure the sequence of scripts is correct and … Continue reading

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Azure Storage Client Version 3 – development storage not supported – 400 Bad Request

This post is just to save those unfortunates that have taken the latest Storage Client 3.0 and found that the storage emulator (re., local development storage) returns 400 Bad Request responses.  This is simply that the storage client version 3 … Continue reading

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MVC–Displaying Content from Ajax calls

This article illustrates two approaches to retrieving content from a service using an Ajax query in the MVC framework.  The first calls a method on a controller to paint a partial view.  The second retrieves html markup from a Web … Continue reading

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The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required.

Just a quick note… Several C# components support pulling from http endpoints directly. For example, the XDocument class in System.XML.Linq supports the Load method which takes a URL. If this throws a “The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy … Continue reading

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