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Managing Multiple Azure Environments with Visual Studio Online Builds

Carrying on from the Multiple Azure Cloud Environments post, I now want to manage the progression of my solution through the development, staging, and production environment.  Staging in the context indicates an environment and not the staging deployment of a … Continue reading

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Redeploy Previous Visual Studio Online Build

One feature to highlight with controlling your Azure deployments from a build server is the ability to track the current deployment and the ability to perform a redeploy of a build. this feature only works well when the entire deployment … Continue reading

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Multiple Azure Cloud Environments

Most real world Azure deployments will require more than one environment.  A typical topology is represented below: There are many resources available that describe this concept so it will not be re-explained here.  Instead this post will present how to … Continue reading

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EF Database Migrations–No Connection String

Sometimes things don’t work the way you would expect them to or how they worked in the past.  Entity Framework is one of those things that frustrates me when it goes wrong… I had created a simple database migration in … Continue reading

Posted in C#, Entity Framework | Leave a comment–sorting on date column plug-in for jQuery is a powerful javascript library for managing HTML tables. The following is a note on how to solve a common issue: sorting on the value of a column when the displayed value is different.  An example … Continue reading

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npm install fails with CERT_UNTRUSTED

I have not investigated why but during the install of the azure node.js package, I received a CERT_UNTRUSTED error as indicated below: PS C:\> npm install azure npm http GET npm http GET npm http GET npm … Continue reading

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Knockout.js defer applyBindings to avoid nodeType of null error

Knockout requires all html and the bound view model to be complete before applyBindings is called otherwise you might receive a nodeType of null error.  This is usually easily avoided by making sure the sequence of scripts is correct and … Continue reading

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Azure Storage Client Version 3 – development storage not supported – 400 Bad Request

This post is just to save those unfortunates that have taken the latest Storage Client 3.0 and found that the storage emulator (re., local development storage) returns 400 Bad Request responses.  This is simply that the storage client version 3 … Continue reading

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MVC 4 ApiController Session access

Nothing is accidental when it comes to the behavior of Microsoft technology. It was a conscious decision to not provide access to session state from the ApiController in the same manner as the Controller class. I assume this was an … Continue reading

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MVC–Displaying Content from Ajax calls

This article illustrates two approaches to retrieving content from a service using an Ajax query in the MVC framework.  The first calls a method on a controller to paint a partial view.  The second retrieves html markup from a Web … Continue reading

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